Jet in the SFRA

With (...) I mark sections that I don't understand from the audio file, as well as sections I have omitted, as they were unrelated transmissions.

In my opinion, jet traffic should be banned from the SFRA. Just the amount of additional causes brings me to the opinion that jets should be banned from the Exclusion Zone / SFRA. In 93.95(i) turbojet traffic is prohibited for example in the Los Angeles SFRA.

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Metro 29 Pilot: Just letting you know, a JET just flew South of Statue/Lady, moving pretty quickly about, I don't know, about 1200 ft. or something.
KEWR Tower: A JET?
Metro 29 Pilot: Oh yeah ...
Another Pilot: Yeah, he passed (...) ahead (overhead?)
KEWR Tower: He's going about 150 knots over the ground (...)
KEWR Tower: And New York 5, use caution, there is a fixed-wing (...)
South of the field, (...) looking 3 mile South of the Verrazano heading northbound, they say it was a jet, he's going about 150 miles over the ground, try to keep an eye on him please.
Pilot: Roger, and I'm looking out for him.
KEWR Tower: And the Cherokee 3 Zero Whiskey, (...) fixed-wing, 12 o'clock, in a mile, 1300, really low, a jet they said going northbound.
Pilot: ok, we're looking, 753 Zero Whiskey
KEWR Tower: just off your right wing
Pilot: yeah, we got him in sight, looks like, huh, a VLJ of some sort.
KEWR Tower: awesome!
KEWR Tower: and, huh, Metro 23 thank you, there's a jet just passing up on the Verrazano going about 140 knots going northbound
Pilot: all right we'll be keeping an eye on him on both sides, and if possible, would like to pass (...) ahead on the right.
KEWR Tower: (...) pass off your left, off to the right, I'm sorry.
Pilot: Roger, maintaining course, and I'll let you know when I have him in sight.
KEWR Tower: And Liberty 5, do you have the fixed-wing above you, or ...
Pilot: exactly below me to the left right now
KEWR Tower: (...) reporting fixed-wing, just off your left, low.
Pilot: I got him there, he's over Ellis Island right now, maintain visual sep (...) above.
KEWR Tower: Metro 23, thank you, fixed-wing reported low, off your left.
Pilot: in sight, maintaining visual sep, Metro 23.
KEWR Tower: Metro 24, use caution, there is a fixed-wing above you, 2000, also one reported low over Ellis Island, squawk discrete, cleared in, do not climb yet, there is a fixed-wing, I heard it was a jet, passing the Brooklyn (...) Terminal, coming up possibly 11 o'clock now, northbound, 1300.
Pilot: yeah, we got, we got a helicopter and jet, both going northbound, and we'll maintain below 1000 for the guy above us.
KEWR Tower: roger as you pass them, you're cleared in, maintain VFR, 1500, New York altimeter 30.63, use caution.
Metro 24 Pilot: Thanks, cleared in, behind the jet, huh, Metro 24.
KEWR tower: and metro 23, be advised, that jet is still coming up behind you, about 3 miles from (...), about 140 knots over the ground.
Pilot: Roger, New York, using caution, (...)
Pilot: and we got that jet in sight as well.
KEWR tower: thank you.

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